Service Network

After more than 10 years of development, the company's business has been deployed in seven major regions across the country. The sales service network covers the Americas, Europe, Japan and Southeast Asian markets. It has established strategic partnerships with more than 30 user units, and the sales services of agents and distributors have gradually improved.

After-sale Service

Lifetime after-sales service, free warranty for the first 3 years
Regular software updates and upgrades

Professional technical training
Senior AE two-hour quick response after-sales service

Technical Support

Chengdu JIUJIN adheres to the development strategy of "being JIUJIN for customers" and is committed to providing excellent products and meticulous and thoughtful services to users at all levels. With its excellent quality, reliable performance, complete after-sales service and rapid response, the company creates complete solutions for customers to maximize the satisfaction of various special application needs put forward by users in actual work.

Chengdu JIUJIN provides a three-year warranty for the products you purchase, and you can also purchase additional repair services.

Chengdu JIUJIN relies on its own professional, efficient and experienced engineering technology R&D team to help customers achieve high-quality technological applications in all aspects of electronic microwave equipment R&D, production, testing, use, maintenance, evaluation and certification.

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