VNA5000A is a high-performance vector network analyzer that provides multiple calibration methods such as single-port, response isolation, enhanced response, and full dual-port. Built-in multiple display formats such as logarithmic amplitude, linear amplitude, standing wave, phase, group delay, Smith chart, polar coordinates, etc. Equipped with various standard inputs and outputs such as USB, LAN, GPIB, VGA, etc. It has all the measurement functions of a traditional vector network analyzer and can accurately measure the amplitude-frequency, phase-frequency and group delay of microwave networks.

Vector Network Analyzer

Frequency Range
Internal Phase-coherent Signal Sources

Supports multi-window and multi-channel measurement and quickly executes complex test plans
Calibration types are flexible and optional, compatible with a variety of calibration components

Rich inputs and outputs, flexible and practical
Parallel Receivers

High Dynamic Range Trace Noise Better Than 0.001 dB

10 MHz~50 GHz

125 dB (typ.)

Application Areas

VNA5000A can be widely used in fields such as transmit/receive (T/R) module measurement, radar, communication, navigation and other systems.
Microwave RF device R&D and design

Automated testing and calibration

TR component testing

Radar, communications and other electronic equipment testing

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