PSA5000A is a high-performance benchtop vector signal analyzer independently developed by Chengdu JIUJIN. It has excellent test dynamic range, analysis bandwidth, phase noise, amplitude accuracy and test speed. It has high-sensitivity spectrum analysis, vector signal analysis and real-time spectrum analysis capabilities. It has rich testing options and extendable hardware. The maximum analysis bandwidth can be as high as 1.2 GHz. It is used in testing fields such as 5G, radar, and civil fields.

Spectrum Analyzer

Frequency Range
Maximum Analysis Bandwidth

Rich analysis modes

General spectrum analysis, Vector signal analysis, Analog signal analysis, Real-time spectrum analysis, Phase noise measurement, Noise factor measurement.

Instruments can be controlled through LAN, GPIB, and USB interfaces
Remote control commands are compatible with mainstream similar equipment
Maximum Real-time Analysis Bandwidth
Phase Noise
600 MHz
1.2 GHz
2 Hz~50 GHz
-125 dBc/Hz (carrier 1 GHz, offset 10 kHz)


Application Areas

Meeting the testing needs of 5G, radar, civil fields, etc.

R&D and production testing of broadband communication equipment such as 4G/5G/WiFi
Search and identification of illegal and interfering signals

Capture and analysis of large broadband transient signals

Electronic system development, testing and repair

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