PDS6184A has advanced functions such as fast waveform capture, waveform storage, waveform three-dimensional fluorescence display, parameter measurement, mathematical operations, multiple triggers, serial decoding analysis, real-time eye diagram and jitter analysis.



Maximum Bandwidth

Maximum Sampling Rate

Analog Channels Count

Memory Depth

PDS6184A is a 4-channel digital real-time oscilloscope with large bandwidth and high sampling rate. The maximum bandwidth is 18 GHz, the maximum sampling rate is 80 GSa/s, the maximum memory  depth is 2 Gpts/ch, and the maximum waveform capture rate is 500,000wfms/s.

Independent waveform calculation and automatic measurement: a variety of automatic measurement, mathematical operations, FFT and other functions provide in-depth data analysis

Equipped with advanced analysis functions such as real-time eye diagram testing and jitter analysis

High-precision digital trigger, trigger accuracy <500 fs

18 GHz
80 GSa/s
2 Gpts/ch
Application Areas

PDS6184A can be used in fields such as broadband radar, 5G/6G communications, optical communications, satellite navigation, and autonomous driving.

5G/6G Communications

Satellite Navigation

Optical Communications

Autonomous Driving

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