RF Impedance Meter

LCR1000A is an RF impedance meter independently developed by JIUJIN Technology based on the RF 1-V measurement method. It has excellent measurement accuracy and a wide frequency range, extremely fast measurement speed, rich functions, modern user interface, comprehensive compatibility and a variety of optional accessories. It also provides a frequency range of 1MHz-3GHz for measuring the high-frequency characteristics of RF devices, which can fully benchmark the industry's leading products of the same kind. Whether it is new component R&D certification and failure analysis, quality inspection material screening or large-scale production line automation testing, LCR1000A can complete the measurement tasks for you excellently.

Test Frequency
Measurement Range
RF impedance meter based on RF I-V method
Fully compatible with the industry's mainstream LCR meter SCPI command set, and built-in correction parameters for the industry's mainstream fixtures



140 mΩ~4.8 kΩ

3 GHz

2.2 ms/point


Application Areas

Automated testing of electronic component production lines

R&D, certification and failure analysis of new electronic components

Quality inspection and incoming material screening of electronic components


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