HSA2000A is a handheld signal analyzer independently developed by JIUJIN Technology. The handheld signal analyzer is designed to achieve the advantages of wide operating frequency band, high performance indicators, fast scanning speed, multiple test functions, and easy operation. The structure is handheld, small in size, light in weight, flexible in power supply, easy to maneuver, and suitable for outdoor use.
Handheld Signal Analyzer

Frequency Range

Scan Speed

Supports general spectrum analysis, interference analysis (waterfall chart, RSSI), analog signal analysis and vector signal analysis
Remote control commands are compatible with mainstream similar devices
Fastest Scan Time

Phase Noise
<20 ms

1GHz span

9 kHz to 44 GHz

≤-103 dBc/Hz
(carrier: 1 GHz, offset: 10 kHz)

Application Areas

HSA2000A can be used in signal and equipment testing in aerospace, microwave and satellite communications, wireless communications and other fields.

Signal and Equipment Testing in Aerospace

Wireless Communications

Microwave and Satellite Communications


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