ASG3000B is a high-performance microwave signal generator with excellent phase noise, amplitude accuracy, output power range, frequency resolution, power resolution and frequency switching speed. It has AM/FM/ΦM analog modulation signals, pulse modulation Signal generation function.

Analog Signal Generator

Output Power Range

Frequency Resolution
Power Resolution
Frequency Switching Speed

Single Sideband Phase Noise



≤-139dBc/Hz@10kHz (carrier frequency 10GHz)




Frequency Range
With LF low frequency output function
Equipped with AM, FM, ΦM, pulse and other modulation functions
Equipped with functions such as frequency scan, power scan, list scan, slope scan, etc
Application Areas

ASG3000B can be widely used in multi-purpose test and measurement scenarios, such as local oscillator replacement, microwave device testing, radar receiver testing, etc.

local oscillator Replacement

Antenna Test

Microwave Device Testing


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