Maximum bandwidth: 18 GHz Maximum sampling rate: 80 GSa/s

Spectrum Analyzer
Spectrum Analyzer
Vector Network Analyzer
Vector Network Analyzer
Analog Signal Generator
Analog Signal Generator

acquisition, storage and analysis

independently developed

Technical Strength

Ultra-wideband vector signal

RF front-end modules

RF signal conditioning links
Intermediate frequency processing modules
maximum operating frequency

Jiujin Shines at NEPCON Thailand 2024
From June 19 to 22, 2024, Chengdu Jiujin Technology Co., Ltd. (Jiujin Technology) made its international debut at the NEPCON Thailand electronics components exhibition in Bangkok. As a company specializing in electronic testing and measurement, Jiujin Technology showcased its innovative products and technical expertise, drawing significant attention from the industry.
About Us

JIUJIN Technology has developed comprehensive solutions in areas such as high-speed digital acquisition and processing, wide-bandwidth signal generation, large-bandwidth signal acquisition, storage and analysis, complex electromagnetic signal simulation, and large-scale automated testing. Its core technologies and products can be widely applied in aerospace, optical communication, antenna measurement, wireless communication, automotive electronics, university research and teaching, semiconductor testing, and other fields.

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